Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hackerspace Happenings

Are you a hackerspace member? We want to know about cool projects you are working on, or have completed, tools you’re using, fun stories about your space and its members, best practices you’d like to share with other spaces, etc. Say you build a new CNC mill–we want to hear […]

The Hunt for Junk

Schools need a lot of stuff, but more often than not, they don't have a lot of money. Many of the materials you need for a lot of our favorite maker starter projects are likely already available around the homes of teachers and students. As part of our Back-to-School series, we share our golden checklist for scavenging for materials: the kinds of items that schools sometimes have on-hand for their "invention bin" or "idea box.

Asking the Boy Scouts of America to “Do Your Best”™

The Hacker Scouts recently revealed that the Boy Scouts of America have demanded they stop calling themselves "scouts." Can the BSA do this? And even if they can, should they?

Bridging the gap Between Google Glass and Raspberry Pi

Deqing Sun posted a fantastic tutorial to Adafruit's Learning System on how to get Google Glass to communicate with Raspberry Pi. Smartly, he used a Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) server to pass data between the Pi and Glass.

How to Make a Mindstorms EV3 Console Cable

The EV3 brick runs a version of Ångström Linux, so wouldn't it be awesome to be access the brick's serial console in order to debug the system during startup? The kernel outputs diagnostic data to the first sensor port. But how to get that data when the port in question uses Mindstorms' proprietary plug?

Maker Hangar Episode 14: Flying

In Episode 14 of Maker Hangar, Lucas Weakley shows us how to fly the Maker Trainer! We learn how to throw the plane, how to practice flying in a straight line, how to turn, and many more things.